Project Description

Name: Nammy Vedire
Title: Deputy Director, Center for Startup Engineering
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
Nammy holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Yale University. Her doctoral dissertation on the development of algorithms for 5G wireless communication technologies enabled her to cultivate a deep understanding of emerging wireless systems that will be integral for innovations in the fields of driverless cars, advanced mobile networks, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. 
During the course of her graduate studies, she leveraged her technical knowledge, analytical skills, and design interests to work with over 30 student, faculty, and alumni led early-stage startups at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute as a Venture Creation Consultant. Her passion to learn the secret to building scalable companies led Nammy to her current role as the Deputy Director of the Center for Startup Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. At the Center, Nammy works closely with leaders in educational innovation, founders of startups, and heads of innovation teams at large corporations to help them answer the most important question in entrepreneurship today – Could innovation be done with less risk?
The Center for Startup Engineering is unique in it’s approach to de-risking innovation. By applying methods grounded in noble prize winning research results from the fields of behavioral economics and developmental & social psychology, the incubator program Nammy runs at the Center, Flahspoint@GT, educates entrepreneurs and innovators on actively recognize the common cognitive biases and blind spots that so often result in startup failure and corporate innovation non-success. 
Nammy received her Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (Major) and Computer Science (Minor) from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India. She spends her downtime experimenting with painting techniques on different media and reading copiously.