Project Description

INSEAD Alumni and a banking and financial services professional with a passion for human capital development and writing, Archana has spent over 17 years in the banking and life insurance industry. She has vast and diverse experience in wealth management, relationship management, service quality, marketing, strategy, planning and learning and development. She is an experienced retail banker and has worked with US and UK based Multinational Banks in India and the US. Her passion for people and teaching made her shift gears from being a Banker to training Bankers, and later on people from many other streams. She switched from her Corporate career to start her own entrepreneurial venture in India. After moving to the United States, she decided to take a sabbatical to look after her newborn daughter.

She loves writing on three of her blogs and that keeps her alive and happy. She is an avid lover of the Japanese ‘Haiku’ form of poetry and has written over 150 Haiku. She also writes about personal experiences, travel and fashion. When she isn’t writing, looking after her baby or cooking, she’s traveling with her husband and daughter. .