HamritaThe pace of technological innovation is mind-boggling. The ever-expanding stream of information you deal with every day is relentless. Demands on your time and energy are exceedingly overwhelming. Carving out your niche, making your mark, realizing your full potential in a sometimes brutally competitive world, while leading a balanced healthy life, is increasingly daunting. You have a burning desire to extend your reach and deepen your impact. The world  needs your unique gifts more than ever.  The playing field is not level.  Get to our summit.  Get connected.  Get inspired. Retool.  Recharge. Let us help you design your future and help us level the playing field for women in STEM!

We have designed a one of a kind inter-generational multidimensional leadership development program for women from all paths of STEM focused entirely on you.  The program will consist of plenary and break out speeches, panels, fireside chats and round table discussions, as well as mentoring and networking sessions.  We have called on influential movers and shakers and thought leaders from academia, industry, nonprofit, and entrepreneurship spheres, who are predominantly women,  to share their rich and enriching stories and experiences and how they shattered the glass ceiling everywhere and in so many ways.  Our speakers and facilitators have written books, led major fortune companies, won big awards, founded companies and nonprofit organizations, worked across the globe, and appeared and worked on major TV networks.  I’m grateful to each and every one of them and to the summit team and all our partners for their generous support.

Get to our summit.  Bring your thoughts and feelings and your aspirations and frustrations to the table.  Join 300 other brilliant women from all paths of STEM and gain access  to powerful tools, strategies and networks to help you push through the noise and obstacles and realize your full potential.  You’ll be glad you did.  See you in March!

For more information or for partnership and speaker opportunities don’t hesitate to contact me at 706 542 1973 or thamrita@uga.edu.