We have designed a one of a kind intergenerational multidimensional leadership development program for women from all paths of STEM focused entirely on you.  The program will consist of plenary and break out speeches, panels, fireside chats and round table discussions, as well as mentoring and networking sessions.  We have called on influential movers and shakers and thought leaders from academia, industry, nonprofit, and entrepreneurship spheres, who are predominantly women,  to share their rich and enriching stories and experiences and how they shattered the glass ceiling everywhere and in so many ways.  Our speakers and facilitators have written books, led major fortune companies, won big awards, founded companies and nonprofit organizations, worked across the globe, and appeared on major TV networks.  I’m grateful to each and every one of them and to the summit team and all our partners for their generous support.


Our entrepreneurship program will serve as a platform for emerging women entrepreneurs at early and middle stages of business development to connect with business leaders, mentors, investors, IP professionals, technology based innovators, and entrepreneurship ecosystems and innovation hubs.  The program will be holistic and multifaceted and will equip participants with tactics, tools, and strategies to take their ventures from idea to impact.  The program will also include student and faculty entrepreneurship.   We are honored and delighted to have the participation of Jeff Hoffman, a serial entrepreneur and one of the founders of Priceline.com in this program.


Our academe program is specifically designed to support women faculty and researchers at all levels.   Participants will learn the secrets to increasing your research productivity and building fruitful and supportive collaborations, building your brand, taking control of your schedule and your life amid competing and conflicting demands on your time, successfully navigating the tenure process, or pursuing a successful academic leadership careers.   We are honored to have the participation of Dr. Valerie Rice, President of Morehouse College, Pam Whitten, Provost of the University of Georgia, Maryam Alavi, Dean of the Georgia Tech College of Business, and a number of very successful faculty researchers, entrepreneurs and administrators.


Although leadership is a common thread throughout the entire summit program, we have devoted a segment of the program entirely to the topic of leadership.  Our leadership program focuses on powerful approaches to realizing your leadership potential and succeeding as a female leader.  The program will reveal strategies for overcoming generational, ethnic, and gender barriers, cultivating power and influence, dealing with bullies and saboteurs, including self saboteurs, and other leadership insights from top female and thought leaders.  We’re delighted to have Steve Bucherati, Retired Coca Cola Global Chief Diversity Officer, Kim Greene, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Southern Company, and book authors Becky Blalock, former SouthernCo executive (Dare), Debbie Stone, Executive Coach (Tell Your Story, Transform Your Career), Jennifer Kahnweiler (The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength), and Jill Tietjen, former President of the Society of Women Engineers (Her Story) among our roster of speakers in this program.


Our STEM outreach program is designed for those with a passion and commitment to improve the quality and expand the reach of STEM education to girls around the world.  The track brings together STEM leaders from academia, nonprofit educational organizations, and industry to engage in vigorous discussions about methods and best practices for building a vibrant STEM outreach community and cultivating a supportive and inclusive culture.  We are very fortunate to have the participation of STEM outreach leaders such as Mary Ellen Randall, of the IEEE-USA MOVE outreach program and Angelicque Tucker Blackmon, CEO of Innovative Learning Concepts, LLC, in our program.


Our corporate program is designed to support participants from young professionals jumpstarting their careers to seasoned professionals finding their way to the C suite.  A very successful line up of hand picked corporate executives including Jennifer Van Buskirk, Regional President, Northeast, AT&T Mobility; Marie Mouchet, Vice President and Chief Information Officer SouthernCo; Betsy Higgins, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer at Oglethorpe Power; and Ralph De La Vega; Vice Chair of AT&T Inc. and CEO of Business Solutions and AT&T International will share practical advice, innovative strategies, powerful tools and valuable tactics to build a successful career in industry.